help for separated fathers through coaching & mentoring

help for separated fathers through coaching & mentoringhelp for separated fathers through coaching & mentoringhelp for separated fathers through coaching & mentoring a life beyond separation!



Latibule: (n.) A hiding place; a place of safety and comfort.


Thank you for visiting my site offering help for separated and divorced fathers.

Come out of your cave and navigate a path to a better life. Its the best thing you will ever do for your children. 

Why work with me?


I'm an estranged father myself.  Not seeing your kids every day is rough. In fact it sucks big time! Yes it gets easier over time but it can also stop us in our tracks and lead us into isolation, depression, loneliness and an often crippling lack of self worth. My own journey led me to retrain as a coach and therapist so I can help blokes like me who just need some support to re-lay some stronger foundations and begin to construct a new life for themselves. My mission is to help separated dads to navigate a new direction so they can fully enjoy life again. Free from guilt! 

The programme

Completing any programme takes commitment and dedication. This programme is no different.  It comprises 12 face to face coaching sessions with me where we explore and unpick your personal story and decide on your next steps. 

In this comprehensive program we will cover several areas and themes that will help you move to a life beyond separation. 

Some themes include:


Power and control

Self esteem


Strengths & Values


Why a program?

Overcoming the harsh reality of being a separated parent takes time. It is certainly challenging. This programme offer you peace of mind for you that you have 6 months of support when you need it. This programme acts as a foundation laying tool and helps to add some structure to the work you do outside of the coaching space. It will also help you to clearly map your journey and spot unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaviour so you can achieve real change.


Not ready for a 6 month commitment? 

Book a free 45 minute consultation to explore how I can help you further.    

Knowledge & experience

I studied transformational coaching with Animas in London before becoming ACC credentialed with I.C.F (international coaching federation) As such I adhere to their code of conduct and ethics. I have also extensively studied hypnotherapy and NLP as therapeutic models. (Don't worry, I wont put you in a trance.) 

I have worked as a full time coach and artist for over 10 years with hundreds of coaching hours. Before setting up Latibule Coaching I have coached as an external consultant in the workplace, coached creativity and adult men living with the symptoms of adult ADHD. 




  Coaching is a creative process. It involves forming connections and recognising patterns as well as shifting and reforming perspectives. Our lives are full of stories. Hell, its how make sense of it all including all the crap stuff. Through a curious and creative approach we can spot the opportunities that might otherwise pass us by. My job is to help you choose the right ones.